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_VERIFIED_ Tinymodel Amber 134 194


tinymodel amber 134 194

How to play: Click "Start Game" button. Press the arrow keys to move the model. Press the up arrow key to spin the model. The model reaches a speed that would spin it faster than. Press the left, right, or down arrow keys to move the model. Game Over. References Category:Board game-related lists Category:Miniature figuresThe Ochre Cereal-fed Factory The Ochre Cereal-fed Factory is a heritage-listed factory at Kingsway, City of Townsville, Queensland, Australia. It was built from 1939 to 1960. It is also known as Three Sisters - Foxglove-produced Cocoa. It was added to the Queensland Heritage Register on 21 October 1992. History The first Ochre Cereal-fed Factory was built in 1939, and the building is still extant. A large addition was added to the side of the original structure in the late 1950s to provide facilities for the production of cocoa. The land for the town of Ochre Pocket was first surveyed in the mid-1860s and land sales in the early 1870s established that the block was part of the original leasehold granted to John Whitton. In 1873 Whitton's agent, William Dickson, purchased the freehold from Whitton for the sum of. Whitton later mortgaged the land to his former landlord, Thomas Thompson, who also owned the adjoining property. Whitton's house was built on the Ochre Pocket property and the property, along with Thompson's, was in their respective possession in 1875. In 1878 Thompson mortgaged the land to Andrew Scott who, in turn, sold it to J. H. Thompson. It is likely that Thompson and Scott became familiar with cocoa production in the area and established the business of Thompson, Scott and Company which was engaged in the production of cocoa, vanilla, rice and other groceries. In 1883 J. H. Thompson had sold his share in the firm to George Brown and G.H. Thistle. In 1899 the business was acquired by the Ureweras Shire Council and the land was sold in parcels. By the early 1900s there was a school, Ochre Agricultural Hall and at least four stores and a service station on the Kingsway/Southern Cross road. Ochre Pocket was the administrative centre of the district and a

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_VERIFIED_ Tinymodel Amber 134 194

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